Adventure travel on Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track
Adventure travel on Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track

Adventure travel on Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track

The start of the Old Telegraph TrackThis is what Doc and I get up to when we go out on adventures.

This is from our trip to Cape York along the Old Telegraph Track. Palm Creek is the first crossing and probably the most difficult, at least it was when we were there in 2011. It’s only a couple of kilometres onto the track, but that was as far as some people got.

While we were there checking it out and deciding how (or if) we could do it, another couple came in and decided that it was too much for them and turned back. Apparently they weren’t the only ones. The people at Bramwell Junction told us before we started that it happens all the time.

Unnamed-ford4But if you can make it across Palm Creek, then you can do the rest of the track – at least until you get to Logans Creek and Nolans Creek at the other end.

I’ve been going through my videos of our trip because Doc is started to talk about going again and asked me to make a video for somebody who might also come along. It really is an amazing place. Not only the Tele Track, but the rest of the Cape as well, and we still have places that we didn’t see and 4WD roads we didn’t travel last time. Frenchmans comes to mind!

I’ve been working on it for a couple of days now (video isn’t my forte), and this is as far as Ive got. I have done more than it looks – I’ve sorted out what I need, edited and converted videos and now I’m starting to put them all together. This is the first part, and the first crossing on the track.

Who wants to join us?