Ocean kayaking – a true show of love

If you want a true test of a relationship, try ocean kayaking together. In a double kayak.

It sounded as if it would be a good idea. Kayaking around Cape Tribulation, getting a close view of the marine life.

I’ve been kayaking before. With my children along the Noosa River. It’s beautiful. You take your time, paddle in amongst the shallows of the mangroves, look through the still waters at all the fish, get up close and personal with flocks of birds. My son and I used to get up early some days and go for a paddle on the still river for an hour or two before everybody else got up.

So kayaking around Cape Tribulation should be a breeze.

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Cape Tribulation – almost onto the dirt

We’re at Cape Tribulation. A day later than planned, but the delay was worth it.

We did 1500k Gympie to Cairns in 2 days, then another day for the 100ks Cairns to Mossman. I guess it was an ambitious schedule to try to fit Daintree sightseeing into one day!

If I start describing scenery I’ll write a Thomas Hardy novel, so I won’t even start. If you’re interested, there are many, many travelogues extolling the beauty of the area. None of them are exaggerating.

Except for the ones on Port Douglas.

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It doesn’t take much to pack up a roof top tent

I’m sitting under the palm trees in the caravan park in Cairns, laptop plugged straight into the power outlet, catching up on some emails while I wait for everybody to pack up.

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The worst winter in Cairns for years … no jacket required

We’ve arrived in Cairns during the coldest winter they’ve had for years. So cold in fact that last night I nearly had to put a jacket on. I would have put one on except I was wearing a new top and had to show it off.  The back is a big embroidered butterfly with cut outs, so of course nothing was going over that on its first night out! Using the shoe philosophy (when you find one that fits buy it in every colour) I bought 3 tops and a dress.  All in different colours with different detail on the back.

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It’s winter and I’m cold

I’m living with the heater nazi.

Doc, as I’m my partner will henceforth be known in this blog, doesn’t feel the cold, so doesn’t think anybody else should either.

Everytime I put the heater on he gives me “that” look. The one where he’s desperately trying not to roll his eyes. Though sometimes he can’t help himself and he even verbalises the disdain. “Are you kidding?”

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The day of the (dead) triffids

It’s a boy thing, isn’t it? This playing with big machines.

They’re out there now – my new partner and his 16 year old son. In the tractor and happy as pigs in shit.

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