Sunrise over Sydney Airport
Sunrise over Sydney Airport

Sunrise over Sydney Airport

Sunrise-Sydney-airport-3I used to love flying. It meant that I was going away somewhere and I love to travel. I also love that feeling of being up above the earth, above the clouds, just …. well, flying.

But I hate the reality of sitting in a small, enclosed space, barely able to move for hours on end.

Sunrise-Sydney-airport-9And airports just aren’t what they used to be (back in my day…). There’s too much time spent in queues . Waiting to check in yourself and then your bag is bad enough, but the security checks are seemingly endless. I once got to the airport 45 minutes before a flight and nearly missed it because of queues.

Since meeting Doc most of our travel is done by 4WD through Australia, and I’m much happier.

So now I figure if I have to get up before the crack of dawn for an early morning flight there’d better be an upside.

And there was.

After a champagne breakfast at the airport (any excuse for a champagne breakfast), the sunrise over Sydney as we taxied and took off was magnificent. And seen from an angle I don’t usually see sunrises.

So here it is, in all its glory. Sunrise over Sydney airport. Some of the photos are a bit blurred, but I was taking them from a moving plane!

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