Arkaroola – yellow footed rock wallabies and ice on the swag

Arkaroola my campsite is there

My campsite is down there somewhere

It is so easy to get lazy.

Here I am at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, after a drive through stunning scenery, with the sunset blazing mauve on the ranges, and kangaroos and wallabies everywhere beside the road, and I couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner.

Wine and kettle chips it is tonight.

People in campsites nearby have fires going, which is very enticing. But I arrived after dark, and not only had to set up in the dark, but first had to try to find a decent campsite. You’re not allowed to collect wood, and I completely forgot about buying some when I checked in. So not only am I lazy, but I’m cold.

Yellow footed rock wallaby by my campsiteMind you, the night sky is amazing

And there are wallabies right next to my campsite.

Things could be worse, much worse.

Did I mention I’m at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary? And there are wallabies jumping around my campsite?


OK – it is the next morning and there is ice on my swag. Again! And I’ve discovered I’ve set up in an area that doesn’t get morning sun.

First things first. Warm up. Then move the swag into the sunshine.

Sun reflecting on the ice on my swagI nearly didn’t use my hot water bottle last night. I sat here and sorted out some photos and video that I’d taken and didn’t think it was that cold. It was a last minute decision to heat up some water for the hot water bottle.

Lucky I did.

It wasn’t until I thawed my feet out against the heat that I realised just how cold I was. It took quite a few minutes of the hot water bottle on my feet (and I do mean directly on), and me thinking I hadn’t heated the water up enough, before I got some feeling in my feet and realised it was in fact very hot. I’d be shit in the snow. I’d have frostbite in no time.

Then I woke up in the night and I was cold. That’s unusual in the swag, which is very warm. But then I realised I’d left the canvas cover folded down too far and dew had settled on the swag and the doona was damp. So I pulled the canvas cover right up, leaving just enough room for me to still see the stars, and was warm again in no time.

But now, there is a caravan nearby and they have a fire going and have invited me over to share it. I’m taking my coffee over there.

Tonight I will get some firewood for my own fire.

Broad vista of Arkaroola


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