I’m thinking of buying a small 4WD
I’m thinking of buying a small 4WD

I’m thinking of buying a small 4WD

My-car-featured-imageI’m buying a new car (well, a new second hand one).

After 5 years with my beloved Saab convertible I think it’s time for a change. I think. I really do love that car!

But it’s not very practical when I have a lot of gear to cart around, and when I’m driving through fields and along dirt roads. It’s even less practical when I can’t drive through a field so have to park the car and carry all the gear across!

So I’m looking at a 4WD.

Vitara-Soft-Top-005Just a small one. The current front runner is a Suzuki Vitara soft top. The 2L model. There are a few for sale now that look good. And it’s still a convertible!

One’s in Noosa. The outdoorsy one is favouring that one because she thinks it means we’ll go up there for a few days on the beach, then have a girly road trip home. Not a bad idea really, but it does add a bit to the price of the car.

Doc is (not) very gently pushing me towards something a little bit bigger.

The Cruiser on the Old Tele TrackWe went to the auctions yesterday and there was a Colorado, in good condition, that he thought I might like. He made me sit in it and extolled its virtues, but I said no. He nearly cried when it sold for $1,500.

But we have the Cruiser if we want to go away somewhere together, or go hard core 4WDing.

This one is just for me. For fun. And for trips away either on my own or with a girlfriend. A couple of drawers in the back, and my bushman’s fridge and Bob’s your uncle!

Darling River MenindeeEven Doc admits you don’t need a big 4WD to travel around Australia

I reckon I can see everything I want to in it. I’m not planning on doing Frenchman’s in it, though you never know!

The French Line is definitely on the cards, and corner country. Strezleki, Lake Eyre, Oodnadatta Track. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. All those things I could see and do.

Yep, I think the Suzuki Vitara is the way to go.

Has anybody travelled through the outback in one? I’d love to hear about your experiences – good or bad. Any feedback is welcome.