Cape York revisited

Doc and I are heading up to Cape York.

This is where it all started for me. 8 years ago we went on our first big 4WD/camping travel adventure up to Cape York. To keep in touch with family I started this blog, and now here I am. Many adventures later, including two solo trips across the Simpson Desert, we’re back where we started.

This time we’re doing more tracks – the Creb, Frenchman’s, and the Old Tele Track. Last time we travelled with friends who weren’t very confident 4WDers, so we missed the first two tracks, but did the third. This time it’s just us, so we get to pick where we go, when, and for how long.

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Dalhousie Springs at sunrise

Dalhousie Springs at sunrise.Watching the sun rise through the mist coming off the 38 degree water in the spring

There’s nothing like starting your Simpson Desert sojourn at Dalhousie Springs.

It really is worth getting up before sunrise to sit in the 38 degree pool and watch the sunrise through the mist. When everything is quiet, except for the sound of the birds greeting the day.

An almost full moon only adds to the magic. Especially when you’re sitting on a pool noodle, just taking it all in.

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The Oodnadatta Track and Pink Roadhouse

When I travel I love to take photos and to write about my travels. This blog is as much for me as it is for other people to read – maybe more so. Writing helps me to give things some perspective, and, well, my life’s worth writing about … mostly. My life that is – not me personally. I’m pretty ordinary, but I do (mostly) have an extraordinary life. Of course, it’s interspersed with the boring bits where I have to earn money, but I’m working on that too. I might have a new business venture to announce soon.

So, if you want to take photos and write during your travels, what are the things you need to make sure you have with you?

  • Camera – check
  • Lenses – check
  • Flash – check
  • Tripod – check
  • SD cards and card reader – check
  • Camera battery – check
  • Battery charger – Oops


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4WD outback travel shows

Twelve months after my first solo trip across the Simpson Desert I’ve completed my second. I’m still sorting out my notes, so stories will appear soon.

It’s also twelve months since I put in my audition for Low Range.

It’s way overtime for a mainstream 4WD show to have a female presenter on board – it makes good business sense. There are a lot of women out there travelling, and a lot more who would like to do so, all they need is a bit more confidence. Having a woman on a show like that would bring in more viewers, and more viewers equals more advertisers and sponsors.

At the risk of sounding like Sam Kekovich – You know it makes sense.

Check out my second audition below.

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Things that will (possibly) kill you in the Australian bush

Things that dig holes – then camouflage them

I never used to go camping. Too cold, too many insects, too uncomfortable. Then Doc dragged me kicking and screaming into the outback in a swag, and I was hooked.

All my objections were overcome. Modern camping is comfortable, campfires help with the cold, or you can just go north where it’s never cold, and there are even good products that will keep mosquitos away.

And all those stars!

One thing that is still true though, is that there are many, many things in the Australian outback that will kill you!

If you think spiders and snakes are scary, wait until you come up against things you never see.

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Kanku/The Breakaways – Painted Desert

The colours of Kanku/The Breakaways and the Painted Desert are truly breathtaking.

Check out the photo gallery

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